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Chaos ficlet: A New Ending

Ack! I can not believe I'm doing this but a promise is a promise so here goes nothing.
((I've actually tried this like 10 times already and I think this time I have it figured out. If I'm wrong again.... I'm considering the entire fiasco a sign I should not mess with LiveJournal ever... and I'll just dump this thing in the river.))

Anyway this is just a short Chaos fic I wrote for a friend because she is the only one who can ever get me to write. She brings me daily *squee* with fics and icons... I just wanted to give her a little something back.

Just a tiny glimpse into Billy and Rick's friendship because I love them so. I'm afraid there's no cool whumpage in this snippet, I tend to leave the whumpage to faye-dartmouth as she's so very good at being evil. I fix whumpage in real life and only seem to be able to manage heavy angst in the few fics I've managed to write. You have been warned, read at your own peril.

Failure isn't in the falling ... Collapse )


Why weekends are never my friend.

Just another Saturday to prove weekends are not my friend. First I'm supposed to be sleeping as I flip-flopped from dayshift yesterdy to nightshift tonight... and I have to watch the telemetry monitors all shift (which means I am sitting still for 13 hours -- the exact oppostie of a normal night for me)... which means an overdose of caffeine and chocolate in my very near future.
I got up this morning to discover my iphone would not work... "no sim card". Excuse me?!?!? That freakin' phone is my lifeline. Eep!!!! Okay maybe I've actually made less than 50 non-work related phone calls in my entire life.. (I truly, truly cannot stand to talk on a phone)... but my unlimited text account is abused like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Oh and let me not mention I use the thing as my music player, my portable tv and movie entertainment center. Oh and that's still failing to take into account my web apps, emails, fanfics, etc. My entire cyberlife is ruled by that little black phone! YIKES!!!
So I spent the entire morning getting the unit fixed. After multiple failures on my part to fix the situation, I finally had to go into the store and have AT&T install a new sim card. No big deal ... except it is a big deal... I lost every picture I had not backed up on to my computer... and as I love this built in camera there were a lot of them. Not to mention texts I hadn't read from friends... and... horror of horrors... I lost my place in "Angry Birds"!!!! ACK!!!!! I was just 3 freakin' levels from beating that stupid game. Oh the horror!!!! I know I only found the game this 4th of July but I am so addicted to it... and to have to start over.... *ack* I don't know if I'll ever be able to get back to where I was... seriously there are levels I beat that were simply blind luck... no way did I beat them with skill... I mean I had birds biting the big one left and right... Oh the humanity!!!!
So you see another weekend that is out to get me. :0
Maybe I should just hide under my bed until it's time to leave for work. ;)

Last shot.

Okay here I am about to give this crazy web journal thing one more try. Don't expect any words of wisdom or fine artworks or even intelligent conversation to come from this page. I'm not saying there won't be any here just that you shouldn't expect it - and even if you were to find something grand it will most likely belong to someone other than myself. But hey, I'm cool with that. I just want this place to behave so I can keep track of my extremely talented friends who never fail to keep me awestruck by their awesome graphics and unbelievably excellent works of fiction.

I do tend to become a tad wee bit excited about such things however and this exuberance sometimes spills over into my brain thinking it too can produce a work of art or wax poetic on some philosophical argument. Don't be fooled... my brain is a leaky sieve at best.

Unfortunately for all concerned today happens to be one of those days my brain has too high a regard for the firing of its own synapses.
Hence the love that is Neal Caffery in navy whites! *sugh* (Of course the real error may have been my brain turning to jello before I even opened paint shop up to play with this image.)

Messing with this image of course led to me making an icon, something I haven't done in over a year. So while the result did not do the subject justice I am still pleased to have tried.

Now to try and make this page a little more my style. (Unless one of my awesome friends wants to throw themselves into the volcano and do it for me.)


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